Content Management System

Create custom websites, without programming
GXportal is a powerful, low-cost web tool that enables you to design, develop and host professional websites. No programming, database or server knowledge is required.


Easily build a website, using the “drag & drop” system for components.


Host and maintain websites and intranets at a very affordable cost.


Integrate external web applications into your website.

Two modes of use.One is for you.

  • GXportal Online (SaaS)

    It’s suitable for Web Designers and Systems Engineers (freelance professionals) or Design and Digital Marketing Agencies with a small team of programmers. The Online version includes several types of licenses that offer various features: Free, Starter, Basic, Professional, Enterprise. All include hosting.

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  • GXportal Corporativo (On-Premise)

    It’s an ideal option for Software Houses and companies that need to integrate websites into their clients’ platforms and databases, or locally into their own platforms and databases (to leverage their know-how and experience). GXportal enables users to develop corporate websites and intranets.

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A tool for continuous improvement

  • Accessible and centralized:

    GXportal is in the Cloud and you only need a browser and Internet access to use it. Everything is centralized there, so you can perform tasks such as creating the website, managing files and users, managing contents and integrating applications.
  • Intuitive and simple:

    It provides a user-friendly interface to build websites (drag & drop of components: robust search engines, menus, user login, etc.) and an easy to use content editor. It uses templates, which accelerates the website design process even more.
  • High positioning and sociable:

    GXportal supports SEO (Search Engine Optimization), optimizing page indexing by search engines and achieving better positioning. In addition, it easily integrates with Google, Facebook and Twitter.