Success story
Universal Textil Perú
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Cía. Universal Textil enhances its operational efficiency and saves 30% in costs thanks to GeneXus

Cía. Universal Textil is a firm in the textile and clothing industry with more than sixty years experience in the manufacture of quality products that are widely popular in the local and international markets. Through its long existence, this renowned company has implemented machinery related to the industry, in addition to committing itself to computer technology, which along with the firm’s experience and its human talent has enabled it to attain a successful position in the textile sector.

In the year 1992, the company’s information systems were subject to a slow paced development due to the high rotation of its developers, which hindered the possibilities for the necessary level of standardization, continuity and productivity for fulfilling the numerous requirements that the company had at the time in what concerned information systems.
In order to counterbalance this situation, Luis Pita, Systems Chief at Cía. Universal Textil, and the Planning and Development managerial department, decided to acquire a “Case Tool”  a set of computer applications meant for increasing productivity in developing software-  to help them in improving the development of their systems. The purpose included: to achieve standardized design and programming of the systems they had to develop according to their needs and to attain greater productivity in making them.  

“We were in need of an agile and practical tool for creating the proper platforms to facilitate the company’s administrative and production processes. We wanted an order for our operational processes and it was needed in a short time, with a reasonable cost. By the last quarter of 1992 we came upon GeneXus and became its first users in Peru. After using it, we found that this Case tool fulfilled all the needs we had had for some time, including standardization, productivity, flexibility to work on different system platforms and a short learning curve,” said Luis Pita.
A team of three system analysts was trained, by experts from GeneXus distributor in Peru AB&AB, during two months, for using the tool. After the training, the team managed to come up with approximately sixty information systems in the first fifteen years of work, for supporting the operations of the business’ main processes, both at the administrative and at the manufacturing level, where the company concentrates most of its resources.
“We were able to develop a customized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which enabled a better planning of corporate resources by standardizing working procedures and it also increased our operational efficiency and enabled our Chiefs and Managers improved management and control, all of which resulted in savings of 30% in relation to operational costs,” expressed the Systems Chief of Universal Textil.
Also, it was possible to unify the Analyst and Programmer roles into one developer with strengthened power as a business analyst, in addition to reducing costs at the systems department.  
“Now we can develop customized systems that are easily adaptable to the company’s needs and changes, apart from reducing the timeline for developing systems in up to 40%. Throughout the 21 that we have been resorting to GeneXus, we have verified that it is a great tool, having closely witnessed the whole growth and improvement process that this Case has experienced. Currently, 100% of our systems have been developed with GeneXus,” Luis Pita concluded.

About AB&AB
Since 1992 AB&AB has been distributor of GeneXus products (developed by the firm Artech from Uruguay) in Peru. These products are oriented at a strong increase in productivity in the development of multi-platform systems.  AB&AB has over 85 local clients to whom it provides licensing services, technical support,  and version upgrades, as well as GeneXus training for developing web and mobile applications.  For further information visit .