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Univali creates grades and attendance application for its 25,000 students

Univali's 25,000 students in various education levels (secondary, graduate, postgraduate, master's and doctoral studies) now have an iOS and Android app to check their grades and attendance in real time, using a smartphone or tablet. The app called “UnivaliNotas” hit the mark of 14,500 downloads in its first month of operation.

The GeneXus-developed app was created in three months by a team made up by three professionals (2 developers and 1 designer). Its objective is to allow students to view all the grades and attendance information available online. “We had already noticed that students frequently looked for that information in our website, so we decided to create the app in order to make our students' lives easier,” said Alcides Vila-Loubos Junior, business analyst at Univali's IT department.

The most important information found in UnivaliNotas includes notifications sent when grades are published, grade averages, comparisons between students of a group, and an indicator with colors and icons related to the maximum number of absences allowed in a course. “Before the app's launch, students used to find out their number of absences when they had already exceeded the maximum allowed; that is to say, when they had already failed,” explains Alcides.

During the last week of March, nearly 10,000 students downloaded the application. “It's an excellent start. We also had a lot of positive feedback about the app in social networks. In general, the students' comments were positive and they were very enthusiastic about the layout,” said Andrei Hodecker, IT developer at Univale.

“GeneXus allowed us to create the application in a very agile way because we could reuse the objects from our Academic System Knowledge Base, which was developed with GeneXus. Also, because it is a multiplatform tool,” affirms Hodecker. The next version of the app (2.0) is already being developed, and soon other university-related apps will be made available.
About Univali

The Foundation Universidade do Vale do Itajaí manages Universidade do Vale del Itajaí, Hospital Pequeno Anjo, Educational Radio Univali FM and TV Univali.

Univali Foundation receives administrative consulting services from the Administration Board made up by Financial Management, HHRR Management, Information Technology, and Coordination of Supplies.

In order to serve the population of the entire Center-North coast of Santa Catarina, Univali has eight campuses: Campus Balneário Piçarras, Campus Itajaí, Campus Balneário Camboriú, Campus Tijucas, Campus Biguaçu, Campus São José, Campus Kobrasol and Campus Florianópolis. The University has over 25,000 students, 3 schools, 70 graduate courses in classroom and distance modes, 50 development specialization courses, 10 master's and 6 doctoral degrees –all of them endorsed by Capes/ MEC, as well as more than 500 classrooms and 250 labs. The faculty is composed of 1,300 professors (67% of them hold master's and doctoral degrees). In addition, there is a virtual learning environment for distance education, and a radio and TV station.