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Success story

The right tool.

TV Cidade, a company that provides cable TV, broadband Internet and IP telephony services, needed to develop an IT solution to improve customer relations in 15 Brazilian states where it operates.

The right tool had to provide third-party independent maintenance; it had to be able to adapt to changes in the business and to a possible increase in demand; and it had to reduce maintenance, communication, processing and human resources costs. GXVision, a Convergent Customer Care & Billing System built with GeneXus, appeared as the most suitable technology to meet these needs. The tool was chosen because it was easy to maintain and showed high performance to adapt to an ever-evolving business.

"We have reached all our goals, and we have improved the performance of our customer service operations," said Lilian Loescher Curado, Director of Operations of TV Cidade.

The system was implemented in only 180 days, in a three-stage process. It now serves 17 operations of TV Cidade and almost 400 users. "Working with GXVision was an excellent decision, not only for TV Cidade but mainly for our customers," said Ms. Loescher Curado.