Success story

The first mini-program and TikTok Jump in LATAM, made in GeneXus with Angular and Serverless

Together with the popular LigaMX App, and thanks to the novel Jumps functionality of the TikTok social network, GeneXus releases the first ever Latin American mini program, along with the successful launching of its new Angular Generator technology. This, in addition to data integration and the deployment of Serverless Apps in the AWS Cloud –an aspect of the essence for cases of mass apps calling for scalability due to the millions that access them simultaneously every day.

In 2021, around mid-year, the TikTok social network launched its Jumps mini-programs –mini programs and services that creators may link to their videos–, seeking to introduce the concept in LATAM:  “We saw that our LigaMX platform was headed to a perfect match, since Tiktok needs mini programs revolving around entertainment to cause engagement, and that was exactly what we could offer. Also, given the great audiences gathered by soccer in Mexico, anything related to the sport proves most than welcome on any platform.” 

To launch the TikTok Jump in LATAM, they integrated the LigaMX Official App with a platform of soccer score predictions.  
This project involved a multi-disciplinary team that included engineering, marketing and design professionals, among others. “Today´s products are considered complete beyond the mere technical aspects, and more particularly in cases of end user products such as the LigaMX App together with TikTok,” said Galloti. 

The Jump of LigaMX is the first LATAM JUMP accessible from Mexico. Any user of TikTok may add links to LigaMX Jump in any publication, inviting friends to predict the outcome of soccer games in LigaMX.

Technology used in the TikTok mini-program for LigaMX

This Jump was created in GeneXus, with 100% GeneXus technology. 

The mini-program is based on web technology and built with the Angular Web Generator. It is a PWA Angular App optimized for mobile devices.  

The backend, generated in Java, is deployed in the AWS cloud with serverless technology, allowing the system to serve audiences of any size, not having to plan infrastructure capacity.  

Angular Generator

Jump was developed using Angular Generator, which leads to a modern, speedy and secure app. An excellent quality PWA is obtained on the basis of cutting edge technology, such as web components, stencils and typescript.  

GeneXus’ latest features like Stencils and Design System Objects, among others, were also applied.  

Serverless and scalability

The user base potentially reachable is all soccer fans in Mexico, so scalability is quite important. Having the REST APIs on the AWS serverless platform ensures that the app’s permanent functioning and availability, with  no need for advance capacity planning. Serverless platforms can automatically scale upward or downward depending on the degree of demand. 
GeneXus 17 supports serverless deployments for AWS and Azure Cloud Platforms. 

For the case of TikTok Jump, the AWS cloud was used together with the implementation of the following infrastructure components:

  • AWS Cloudfront: for CDN and caché storing
  • API Gateway: as a service fully managed for hosting APIs
  • AWS Lambda: serverless computing platform to execute the app’s code
  • AWS S3: for image hosting
  • AWS CDK: for Infrastructure as Code
*For those willing to explore this novel territory of mini-programs, they may already use GeneXus 17 Upgrade 7 and postulate the miniapp on the Tiktok site (