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Success story


Aiming higher

For more than 14 years, Summum has been one of the main private healthcare providers in Uruguay. However, in order to keep providing the same level of service to its users, it needed to completely reengineer and upgrade its systems, and it needed to do it fast. The company's systems were disconnected from each other and, as a result, data often had to be copied manually.

GeneXus provided the solution. The first stage involved customizing K2B Health, a health system developed by GeneXus Consulting for integrating medical and business management. The system had to be adjusted to Summum's needs and requirements, and even new modules were added. The reengineering was so deep that it affected all company departments, connecting them all. This took approximately one year and a half to be implemented.

In April 2007, the system was deployed but, unlike other cases, this time the change was made all at once instead of doing it by modules. This led to giving the staff training sessions before deployment, as the change was intended to be completely transparent for the end user. The new system allows Summum to offer patients an integral service where every workstation provides access to medical and management data, maintaining –and even improving– the quality of service that Summum users are accustomed to receiving.