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Success story

Servicio Civil Chile

Communicating with Citizens 

The Chilean Agency of Civil Service was entrusted with improving the communication with the citizens and providing the State with professional management. The solution was the creation of two portals and GeneXus was the best tool for the job.

The agency used technologies that did not seem suitable for the pursuit of its objectives. E-mail and some office solutions were the main technological tools. To achieve its objectives fully it was necessary to enhance communication with the community at large.

That's why, in 2006, Technologies & Solutions Ltda. was chosen to update the DNSC's web site, which needed a system to administer the portal as well as the development of the OIRS system (Information, Claims and Requests Office) to enable the implementation of a workflow of the requests presented by the community.

On the one hand, the portal needed to have control with strong tools that would enable content management and facilitate the participation of nontechnical users. On the other hand, there was the objective of developing the OIRS, a service that would enable citizens to connect with the various public offices, improving both service quality and levels.

In less than 3 months the portal and OIRS tool development was completed. The solution consists basically of two components. First, the web portal developed with GXportal 4.2, that runs on Linux using DB2 and whose success is based on a feature to easily publish and manage contents such as contests for public posts. On the other side the OIRS portal, implements the OIRS workflow.