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Mexico: Environmental management at SEMARNAT

The Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat (“SEMARNAT”) of the Mexican Government, through IDT en Sistemas de Información, S.A. de C.V., has been the scenario for developing a computer tool to support the State’s environmental protection system for sustainable forestry development.

The National Forestry Management System (SNGF) enables process automation in addition to greater productivity, and quicker and more transparent procedures. It originated in the need to comply with articles 35, section VII, 56 and 57 of the Mexican General Law on Sustainable Forestry Development, in search of a solution to systematize and automate the management of all federal procedures relative to forestry.
IDT was, in combination with official authorities, the software house responsible for developing and implementing this solution that implies a complex project of significant magnitude when considered in the light of the over 7 thousand objects comprising it, its 32 inter-connected federal agencies, and the hundreds of officials currently using the system.

With SEMARNAT’s experience in forestry and IDT’s experience with GeneXus, the joint project was undertaken in order to develop SNGF, with a view of GeneXus’ potential as a development tool with possibilities for quick programming and code generation in various platforms. Among other specific advantages of working with GeneXus, the normalization of the database, the time implied in development, and the response times to end users for maintenance, as well as the possibility for including new technologies available when developing with GeneXus are some of its valuable features.