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Success story

Roche Diagnostics

Between medicines and PDAs

The bureaucratic process generated by the sales force of Rocha Diagnostica's Diabetes Division in Brazil had become dangerously complicated, preventing it from providing a good service. The team of sales representatives would visit the doctors, present their products and fill out a report in Excel worksheets.

Then, the files were e-mailed to the company's Administrative Area, which kept records of everything; and the cycle started again, with members of the team sending in new worksheets. It was necessary to adopt a professional tool capable of managing the visits, specifying the dates, and allowing users to keep track of the actions in a friendly way; such tool had to meet the access and security criteria. It was then that GeneXus came into play. Heurys Tecnología developed a project for implanting integrated PDAs into the Clarify CRM that Roche was already using, through Data Views. Within 30 days of work, 30 pocket PCs were used throughout Brazil, making operations records clearer, eliminating stacks of papers and all manual control procedures, and economizing time.  

The mobility experience fulfills Roche's objective of streamlining the marketing team work and guaranteeing the security of the company's information. Now, the system records all visits, including the person responsible for the visit, access date and hour, and any other information required to manage the administrative area. 

With the new system, after visiting each doctor, Roche's sales representatives fill out the report in the pocket PC and, through an Internet connection, transmit the visit files and the updates to the record, saving automatically through the web services.