Success story

A Portal to the World.

The United Nations Data Center for Argentina and Uruguay is the United Nations System agency in Argentina, responsible for managing all the information for the area. The Center needed to deliver, clearly and effectively, all the information that they generated but wasn't reaching the target audience.

To this end, they used the ArionCMS tool developed by Jobum Consultores for creating their Web presence in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner, with the ability to generate content and update their Web site without the need for design or programming skills.

ArionCMS was entirely developed with GeneXus X, taking advantage of User Controls, AJAX and GXflow which are now integrated into GeneXus.

In only 3 months, the solution enabled to categorize all the scattered information. In addition, it facilitated loading content such as news.

ArionCMS also allowed increasing the amount of loaded content and offered more in terms of handling information such as photos, videos, audio, etc., thus unifying various offices.

"We were surprised by what we were able to do now, compared to what we were able to do in the past. What called our attention was the increase in productivity, because today we can upload more material and information in much less time," affirmed Carla Majdalani, from the Public Information Office of the United Nations Data Center. The system fact sheet is currently being created.