Success story
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Building a Mobile Application not only allowed MaddenCo, but also MaddenCo’s customers to stay ahead of competition #GeneXusUSA

MaddenCo develops and sells software to tire dealers and truck stop services.  Software package includes point-of-sale, warehousing, inventory, bar coding, retreading, accounts payable/ receivable, general ledger, and an electronic interface to leading rubber vendors. Over 270 clients, in 1700 locations, use MaddenCo Software.

Staying Ahead of Competition:

In November of 2011, Kim Angermeier, CEO of MaddenCo, on the advice of one of her customers, set out to offer her customers something that her competition did not. Kim decided it was time to make a mobile application that would provide real time information for the tire dealers and their customers.

“For my customer, it helps to get ahead of competition.”

Callaghan Tire is one of MaddenCo’s customers. One of their customers is a company that owns multiple trucks, they send used tires to Callaghan Tire to replace the rubber and Callaghan Tires stores the tires until the company calls for new ones. With this mobile application, the company with multiple trucks is able to know what tire Callaghan has in stock for their trucks, order the tires, review transactions, and have all account receivables and payables readily available. Kim explained that this also benefits Callaghan because Callaghan is able to acquire new customers by showing a product that can retrieve information anytime and anywhere, giving them a competitive edge.

Developing the App

Kim and her team worked with a GeneXus USA developer and instructor to learn how to us the GeneXus Smart Device Generator. Kim’s team received one week of training and were ready to get started on their app. “Training time was minimal, and we picked up on it quick”.

Through the GeneXus Smart Device Generator, they were able to call on existing web services and pull their data into the new mobile application.  “That’s the strong points of GeneXus, I’m not rewriting code every time that new technology comes out, all I am doing is designing a different way to process it,” Kim said.

MaddenCo Inc were undergoing various projects during the development of the mobile application. They did not hire any new staff, but created their mobile app all in-house.  Working on the app project one day a week over a course of 6 months, they were able to develop their new MaddenCo mobile application. “We only had one person developing it at a time, we took turns each week, a different person would do the coding, so it would be 30 consecutive days with one developer

To be able to use GeneXus to create all three platforms, we were impressed” Once the developers created the initial app for iOS, it was easy to customize layouts and generate new apps for Android and Blackberry.

What makes the GeneXus Development Platform a success for MaddenCo Inc is the ability to transition to a new technology quickly and efficiently. Before using GeneXus, MaddenCo had ten developers; now they have three and are “more efficient then they have ever been.” MaddenCo believes in GeneXus because GeneXus is always on the cutting edge of new technology and coding platforms. That makes it easy for MaddenCo to move to new platforms and stay ahead of their competition. 

Through 20 years of development with GeneXus, MaddenCo has not had to go to a 3rd party for any new technology. For Kim that makes GeneXus irreplaceable, from developing the first general ledger package in the 1990’s to developing a mobile application now, GeneXus has helped MaddenCo provide innovative and competitive software solutions for their customers.