Success story
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Lolimsa implements new hospital management software with GeneXus

The tool has provided 50 percent more effectiveness in developing hospital management processes

Lolimsa, an internationally renowned company dedicated to developing software for hospital processes, has successfully provided services and solutions to more than 200 healthcare institutions such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacy chains and laboratories in 11 countries in Latin America.

At the beginning of 2012, this corporation needed a tool that enabled it to bring its LOLCLI9000++ software -aimed at improving the effectiveness of hospital processes including surgeries and electronic medical record management-  to the web.  To this end, they looked for a tool that could free the systems team from the software development and programming stage during this process. Thus, the team would be able to focus on the company's core business: hospital management. 

“Most software companies in Latin America lack the time or resources necessary to face such frequent changes. In this sense, at LOLIMSA we had to decide whether to hire engineers specialized in hospital and surgical processes, with extensive experience in managing electronic medical records, or hire experts in Java, C++ and various programming languages. In the end, we selected the first option, and left the other tasks to GeneXus”, says Rolando Liendo, Development Department Director at Lolimsa.

Lolimsa used the entire GeneXus suite of products for migrating to the web. When the system's migration was completed by mid-2012, the smartphone and tablet market had already gained momentum. As a result, this attracted the attention of many corporations due to the mobility factor. Mobile platforms started to be used as a tool to streamline processes within companies and as an appealing option to work closer to their collaborators and customer base.

In this new scenario, Lolimsa did not stay behind. The GeneXus suite enabled the development team to bring the web software to the mobile platform with no need to outsource the process. The project was carried out by a multidisciplinary team made up of four specialists in IT and hospital management, who were trained in the use of GeneXus for three months. The software migration to the mobile platform took a year. 

“Thanks to GeneXus, the solution was migrated to the mobile platform in 12 months. This allowed us to quickly deploy and offer it to our customers, who can choose between the application for MS SQL or Oracle, in open source and commercial software options. In addition, we achieved a 25 percent increase in customer loyalty thanks to the technology upgrade; also, we became 50 percent more effective in developing hospital management processes”, affirms Mr. Liendo.
It should be pointed out that with the LOLCLI9000++ application, Lolimsa has obtained the CCHIT certification that is given to hospital management software by the United States Government.