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Success story


Technology for users

Intercable is a Venezuelan telecommunications company that provides cable TV, broadband Internet (IP Network, Interactive Digital TV, Video on Demand, Personal Video Recorder) and telephony services. With subsidiaries in almost every city in Venezuela and with more than 400,000 customers, Inter, founded in 1996 faced the need to migrate all its applications.

When they first started operations, the applications were implemented with Visual Fox Pro. In their search to keep up with the fast appearance of new services, which happens so often in the telecommunications sector, they decided to migrate to Java Win using GeneXus as development platform. Today, their applications converge with GX Vision, a GeneXus-developed solution.

Among the main benefits obtained are fast implementation of new services and business strategies; Customer Care functionality; and the ability to automatically control and organize the company's operating processes, providing directors with management and strategic data.

Based on the fundamental idea that knowledge is what matters and not the system, which is also the cornerstone of GeneXus, Roberto Campos, Intercable Technology Director, said that "the system is a tool that must be at the service of users. That's why we use GeneXus: because it works at knowledge level, creating Knowledge Bases that can be generated in any language (Java, .NET, Visual Fox Pro, Visual Basic, etc.) for any hardware platform (Intel, AS/400 or Risc); using leading DBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, Informix); in the desired architecture (Client/Server, two-tier, three-tier, single user)."