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Success story
Grupo Coliman

Grupo Coliman stays on the leading edge of technology with GeneXus

Grupo Coliman is a Mexican company that produces and exports agricultural products. Founded in 1963, it currently exports products to markets such as Russia, Japan and Singapore, and has manufacturing and distribution plants in Colima, Aguascalientes, Baja California, Baja California Sur, Chiapas, Michoacán, Jalisco, Tabasco, Sinaloa and Sonora, as well as in the border states of California and Arizona in the United States. In order to face technological evolution and market trends, Grupo Coliman has been working with GeneXus for quite some time.

“Incorporating GeneXus into our development area has brought various benefits with significant impacts, such as development speed and the ability to stay up to date with technological evolution. We have developments that were implemented several years ago and are still operational because the tool is flexible enough to adapt to the present. GeneXus equals technological advancement, allowing us to always stay on the leading edge with systems and tools that are consistent with reality,” said José Luis Pereda, Systems Development Manager at Grupo Coliman.
“We have an ERP developed in-house that covers the entire business cycle, and enables us to reduce costs, improve quality, increase productivity, keep adequate records of all transactions, billing, accounting, payroll and even product delivery to customers with no need to depend on third parties. Of course, this streamlines processes and allows us to react quickly and effectively in the event of any inconvenience,” affirmed Mr. Pereda.

With GeneXus as a development tool, they have been able to unify their platforms into one central development with web service integration. Also, they are currently working on the migration from Windows to Web, and on a communication network through an internal wiki. These processes are being implemented with the same tool because, according to the Development Manager, “from our experience using GeneXus, we know that it allows us to reduce costs and accelerate the implementation of new developments.”
The company is also testing mobile apps with the purpose of breaking with old IT paradigms, where users had to be in their offices in front of their computers to be able to access systems or data. “The boom of mobile devices with Internet access allows us to envision agile systems, with instant access, where business processes flow regardless of where they were triggered,” comments Mr. Pereda.
It should be noted that Grupo Coliman has been working with GeneXus since the year 2000, using GX 6.1, GX 9 and GX X Evolution 1.