Success story
Government of Mendoza

A good choice.

The need to accelerate the election computerization process, to improve the service rendered to society, and to take full advantage of the information obtained became evident.

On previous occasions, and for many years, the government of Mendoza province had used a solution developed in Clipper (DOS) for election data loading and processing. Data dissemination entailed the generation of files deployed through a web query built in PHP, without the existence of a portal to inform the population.

In order to meet all these requirements, it was decided to look for a solution using several GeneXus technologies. On the one hand, a web portal, featuring an array of contents with public and general information about election processing. This portal was the place used to publish all contents associated with the 2007 national elections.

Choosing GeneXus as a technological axis for the future solution was easy. The government of Mendoza has been using this type of technology for some years, taking advantage of ACP Ingeniería de Sistemas SRL experience in technology management.  At the same time, a Web-Java system was developed with GeneXus 9.0, which was used for loading telegrams from the ballot–counting tables and for data processing. Finally, an application for data dissemination was developed, deployed in two servers and integrated into the portal, displaying the election results according to the voted posts (President, Governor, Mayor, etc). 

However, the ultimate test for the solution was Election Day itself. As there was no previous Web system, the amount of requests to be received by the pages during the elections could not be predicted. The result couldn't be any better. According to Arturo Caridad, Computing and Communications Director, Mendoza Province, “it was possible to handle the loading and processing of poll data with no problem whatsoever, taking advantage of the simplicity of the installation.”