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Success story


Distribution of pharmaceuticals aided by GeneXus

At the beginning of 1996, five laboratories (Bayer, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Casasco, Gador and Novartis) created Farmanet, a company that works in the distribution of pharmaceutical products and aims at providing quality services with modern, agile management, being highly reliable and responsive to the sector's needs. By the year 2000, the need to reformulate the Datawarehouse became evident.

The company needed to develop a new Datawarehouse to satisfy internal needs and, above all, those of customers. They found the solution at the X GeneXus International Meeting.

Because the previous Datawarehouse development was incomplete and reformulating it would have implied an important investment, they started looking for another option. The X GeneXus International Meeting, held in Montevideo, Uruguay, and learning about GXplorer at that time were the factors that enabled the change. So, a new Datawarehouse was developed with the support of Acción Point in order to continue to guarantee its Laboratories and Clients the shortest delivery time, order tracking, product safety and payment on delivery.

The results could not have been better. The Datawarehouse implementation time was reduced, as well as the cost relation with the tool used; concepts were unified with consistent results. In turn, the new tool gives users at all levels access to strategic information from anywhere, thus speeding decision-making processes.