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Success story


Squeezing Technology to the Max!

Dole Fresh Food International Ltd. has developed a Traceability solution using GeneXus that is available 24 hours, is accessible from all Dole locations in Latin America and allows responding almost immediately to any customer query.

Dole Food Company, Inc. is the largest fresh vegetables, fruit and freshly cut high quality flowers producer and distributor in the world. It started in 1850 as a pineapple production project in Hawaii, United States and currently distributes a growing range of packed food. With the purpose of improving operations in the area of Food Safety, and complying with food safety regulatory agencies in the United States (FDA) and Europe (EFSA), it decided to develop a traceability system; that is to say, a system to allow the tracking of food products throughout the production and distribution stages.

For this purpose, the operative procedures supporting the tracking of the product from the production site to the shipping of the product were developed and modified, and the software to support all operative processes was developed.

The solution is operating with excellent performance with a centralized data repository and allows supplying information on dispatches from the farms to Dole's logistic system before the product reaches the port. Additionally, it provides detailed information (farm, packing plant, transport, technical product specifications, etc.) to the market and/or customer.