Success story

Leveling Opportunities.

Diconsa, Mexican company with majority government ownership that belongs to the Social Development area and is focused on contributing to the fight against food poverty through the supply of basic and complementary products to rural locations with high and very high marginalization.

In 2005 Diconsa decided to integrate operations, processes and information of its 300 warehouses through the national voice and data network. An industrial strength tool was sought, capable of integrating diverse systems and automating processes - GeneXus was the answer..  

GeneXus enabled the construction of five new systems which currently form the backbone of the company, promoting the efficiency of information processes. This resulted in the creation of the Integral Community Warehouse System (SIAC) which collects the information from over 300 warehouses operating in Diconsa's national network. The Integral Transportation System (SINTRA), which operates and controls the fleet, was developed concurrently. In turn, the Integral Supply System (SIA) allows for control and registration of goods purchased and keeps records of the supply orders or requests containing the amount, location and type of product ordered by the different warehouses operated by Diconsa. Thanks to GeneXus, it was possible to integrate the applications and to achieve more control over supply and maintenance activities. In this way, the SIA interacts with other systems such as SIAC improving the response time for delivery of goods ordered.  

The Integral Finance System (SIF), also developed with GeneXus, manages the budgets, receivables and payables and generates financial statements, monitoring expenses with over 1,000 end users. Finally, the Modular Administration System (SIMA) covers Diconsa's main administrative activities.

Just like most of the leading social development entities, Diconsa depends largely on the response capacity and processes optimization to provide timely solutions. The role of technology is the key difference for making decisions in due time.