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Datalab achieves full maximization in credit card promotion and advertising campaigns

One of Uruguay’s leading financial firms, whose main product is its credit card, has achieved assertive campaign management and maximized results, based on data analysis and customer segmentation.

To Datalab Consulting –a company offering BI solutions made in GeneXus for a variety of sectors–, it is clear that information means power. With the SBC segmentation solution, this firm has managed to maximize investments in the advertising campaigns of a renown credit company.

The high level of competition in the credit card market calls for significant efforts for developing campaign strategies relating to promotions and benefits in order to ensure the preference of customers in their opting for a specific credit card. Amidst such scenario, all campaigns must be efficiently directed towards each specific customer. And this implies the need for the credit company to have in-depth knowledge of its portfolio of customers, with whom it must strengthen bonds, all aimed at developing new products based on customized campaigns and reduced costs in massive campaigns, with an understanding of the customers’ needs and preferences.

Based on knowledge about each customer’s habits, preferences, and purchase and payment history –combined with demographical data– a Portfolio Segmentation was obtained in relation to transactional behavior. Additionally, upon a study on individual series of purchasing volumes and amounts, a Consumption Reduction Alert model was developed pursuing a monthly identification of customers whose consumption had dropped significantly as compared to their whole life cycle with the company. This enabled the directioning of motivational tactics oriented at retaining and maximizing the turnover of investments made.

About Datalab

DataLab Consulting was founded in a highly competitive environment, with the idea of providing effective solutions in fulfilling the increasing needs of corporations to understand consumer behaviors in order to anticipate actions. The firm comprises a team of professionals working in a cutting-edge science lab where powerful technological tools are developed and applied in data analysis and mining.

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