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Technology applied to pharmacies: Boticario is now available on the cloud thanks to GeneXus Cloud

In addition to Boticario's Windows to Web migration, its new application called Precios al Día has been released as a SaaS service.

Boticario, the system used by more than one third of Uruguay's pharmacies, has been migrated to the Web on GeneXus Cloud bringing positive impacts in several aspects. For example, from now on, every time that improvements are introduced to the system, the application will be updated faster (with a locally installed version, system upgrades used to take two to three months to be fully implemented). In addition, the Web-based version of Boticario allows managing more than one pharmacy in a simple and centralized manner.

“Another outstanding benefit is how fast we can activate new clients, who only need a username and password to start using the application. Selecting GeneXus was an easy process, because our colleagues had been recommending the tool to us for some time. Also, we had attended several GeneXus events and so we knew what could be achieved with it. Above all, we were aware of the optimization provided in terms of development time. In addition, Simplifica has proved to be a company that can fully leverage the power of GeneXus. In sum, we had no doubts that GeneXus and Simplifica were the best option”, says Gerardo Serrón, a Boticario programmer who learned to use GeneXus along this process. The app called Precios al Día (Up-to-date prices) was released when the migration was completed. It offers a cost-effective solution to pharmacies that don't need a full-fledged management system, but understand the importance of easy access to up-to-date prices of medications, perfume and cosmetic products, as well as for everything related to the pharmacy business.

In sum, Boticario, which was first developed as a Win app running on Visual Fox Pro, ends 2015 with new horizons in the Bluemix cloud thanks to Simplifica, and looks forward to 2016: “GeneXus allows us to connect to third-party systems and enable our clients to improve and expand. For this reason, we want to take advantage of its interoperability features by using, for example, the MercadoLibre API. We're also planning to develop a mobile app, this time not for our clients, but for our clients' customers. It would allow them, for instance, to generate a list of the products they need to purchase at the pharmacy, set reminders both to take medications and to reorder them as necessary, use geolocation to find the nearest pharmacy, and access their purchase history and price queries, among other functionalities”, concludes Mr. Serrón.