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Success story

Balboa Records

To the rhythm of mariachis

Balboa Records, the leading independent Hispanic record company in the United States, urgently needed to enhance its web presence and facilitate content update, so as to improve the relationship with its users. The site of the record company used the tools html and ASP, dramatically conditioning its improvement possibilities .

For this reason, In-Style Digital Marketing was contacted to find a solution to its needs. The new solution is based on two pillars: GeneXus and GXportal. First, GXportal facilitated the creation of a portal of news, music, videos, a catalogue containing over 800 products, the delivery of a newsletter from Balboa Records, and a site to be accessed exclusively by registered radios. In turn, by using applications developed in GeneXus 9.0, the site provides audio and video streaming, and a catalogue of products was developed to enable the search of all the records of all the artists of the company.

But, undoubtedly, one of the main advances accomplished for the new portal was the use of an application developed in GeneXus X, which provides registered radios the access to an exclusive area. This gives the radios the possibility to download high quality mp3 files, so that they may receive marketing material without the record company having to send the physical records by courier.