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Success story

1800 Radiator

Wholesale Knowledge

1800 Radiator is one of the leading online auto part dealers in North America, serving both retail and wholesale customers. In only three years, from 2005 to 2008, the company grew from about twenty to more than 300 franchises; thus, they believed that technological advancements were crucial to support this growth. The challenge involved changing from a DOS system to a Web-oriented system that provided Web Services and that could be used in the same way by all franchises.

After a thorough assessment of the company's needs, it was decided to gradually migrate different modules of the legacy application, starting from Customer Service to later work on the Inventory module. GeneXus was the tool selected to carry out this task; and even though the solution was created completely in-house, GeneXus USA was responsible for developing the new Franchise Billing System for the company.

As for the process itself, it involved a first stage where two systems were developed.  The first one improves the quality and usability of information in the Web environment. The second system interacts with the company's legacy system to take over billing and generate the post sales process that includes printing invoices, sending mail and faxes, generating reports, controlling stock, and so on. GXportal  is used for creating the resource website for franchises, which contains support and audio visual reference material. 

GeneXus enabled us to develop, in only 6 months, an application that we had tried on three occasions to migrate, while at the same time considerably reducing product maintenance costs and providing unprecedented continuity and stability of businesscritical processes.