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Leading by objectives with OKRs

About this webinar

"Good ideas with great execution is how magic happens. And that's where OKRs come in."
- Larry Page, co-founder of Google
OKRs is a goal-based management and leadership system. It was born from the acronym "Objectives and Key Results", OKRs.
This system is about succesfully executing our strategic priorities without getting lost in the day to day.
Why is it so popular? Because it is the management system being used by companies that are changing the world, such as Google, Intel, Amazon, LG, Netflix, Samsung and Uber, among others.
Let's learn:
- how to set a good goal.
- how to follow up with a team on a weekly basis in a team meeting
- how to use technology to track our weekly goals and commitments

About the instructor

  • Khalil Medina