Add video consultation to your KB GeneXus

About this webinar

The WorkWithPlus Suite product team is always looking to develop tools that enable the GeneXus community to offer more and better solutions to their customers.  In this opportunity, inspired by the juncture of the #StayAtHome, they manufactured the first component of Video Consultation that allows any GeneXus consultant to include this capability within their KB's.
Although it arises from a need requested by a client in the health industry, which required doctors to communicate remotely with patients to diagnose their situation, the component transcends this reality and could perfectly apply to other verticals such as the financial industry, manufacturing, pharmacies, among others.
We invite all those members of the community to see how easy and fast it can be to include this component in their Kb's to allow communications between the different users of their systems. 

About the instructor

  • Sofia Maiolo

    CCO at WorkWithPlus

  • Agustín Napoleone

    Director y Gerente Comercial en DVelop Software Solutions