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Unanimo.Design: The startup that bridges the gap between design and code

On October 21, Nicolás Jodal presented Unanimo.Design, the latest spin-off established by GeneXus.

«We must help the community of designers and the GeneXus community to create better designed applications. To achieve that, we decided to create a specific company called Unanimo.Design, a spin-off to help integration and have more sophisticated designs», explained GeneXus CEO.

This spin-off arises from the need to bring together designers and software developers to create and implement increasingly complex and high-end designs. «Multi-experience design and interaction are gaining importance. In this context, the integration of designers and developers is a great challenge, that is why we created Unanimo.Design, to help developers achieve increasingly sophisticated designs», said Nicolás Jodal.

Unanimo.Design is a digital design implementation company that provides businesses with people, processes, and tools to improve the User Experience of their Digital Products and Services. Its services include creating, implementing, and optimizing customized Design Systems to generate pixel-perfect projects with GeneXus.

«We create and deliver new Design Systems so that our clients can generate software with better experiences, more quality, and faster with GeneXus. That is the main value we bring to the community», explains Mauro Canziani, Co-founder and Director of Unanimo.Design.

In addition, the new company will offer Design Systems design and implementation services for mission-critical software, old digital product evolution and innovation services, and the transfer of knowledge, processes, and tools to companies interested in strengthening their internal design and implementation capacity.

Enter Unanimo.Design and discover more about this new company!