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GeneXus™ Next Terms and Conditions

Latest update: February 16, 2023.

Below are the Terms and Conditions associated with the use of the GeneXus Next

1. Definitions

a. GeneXus.
GeneXus is a software tool that automatically creates and maintains applications, databases and services for multiple platforms starting from models (also known as Knowledge Bases).
GeneXus is a registered trademark (®) in various countries and regions including, among others,Latin America, United States, Japan and Uruguay.

b. GeneXus™ Next.
As for now, GeneXus Next ( is released as a playground for testing some of our AI Assistants. They generated applications hosted in Amazon Web Services as part of a testing phase of the technology.

c. Prototypes.
For the purpose of this agreement, Prototypes are defined as discovery and draft versions of applications that meet the following conditions: 1. They are the end result of the exploration of our AI Assistants; 2. They are used to testing new features; 3. They are not used by end users; 4. These applications cannot be published or sold (whether for free or for a fee) on Application Marketplaces or Stores (For example, Google Play, Apple Store, etc.).

2. Conditions for Availability of the GeneXus™ Next Playground Service

a. GeneXus’™ Next is provided free of charge as a playground during the AI Assistant trial process.

b. Applications will be available for 30 days after its creation, after that them will be removed from the GeneXus™ Next

3. Limited service and waiver of warranty

In no event shall GeneXus be liable, either implicitly or explicitly, for any incidental damages to users relating directly or indirectly to the use of the GeneXus™ Next.

4. Termination

GeneXus may cancel the service for applications hosted on the cloud at any time, if the user has breached any of the terms of use of GeneXus Next, has violated any laws by using it, or is considered to have acted in bad faith.

5. Acceptance

Given that GeneXus Next uses Amazon Web Services to host applications on the cloud, the user also accepts these services Terms of Use, which can be found at