OutSystem vs Mendix vs GeneXus
The most common mistake when selecting a Low-Code platform that goes unnoticed until it is too late
Low-Code platforms are currently very popular. According to Gartner, in a few years most software solutions will be built using this technology.
Selecting the right Low-Code platform can make the difference between succeeding in the long run or showing fast results but failing over time.

Perhaps the considerations used to make decisions today are not the most appropriate.

In this ebook, we explore the most important characteristics for selecting one of these platforms and how the decision parameters being used today can lead to failure in the adoption of Low-Code.

“Soluções rápidas e
robustas para enfrentar
a nova modalidade”


"A facilidade de evoluir para novas tecnologias é uma das vantagens únicas do Genexus".


"É muito versátil e suporta um grande número de linguagens de programação"