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História de sucesso


Moving ahead of the competition

Trinergy, LLC is an American company dedicated to developing solutions for church extension funds and credit unions, providing an enterprise-wide core processing solution that manages all accounting functions as well as reporting, marketing, and contact management.

From day one, Trinergy understood the need to use tools that would allow for quick and easy deployment of their core product and future enhancements. After evaluating traditional development tools, they decided to start the project using GeneXus. This decision was mainly due to its ease of use, multiple languages and rapid development, as well as ease of maintenance upon installation. The release was a success, streamlining the workflows of credit unions.

In 2004 Trinergy became aware of a great opportunity to serve a new industry, and they needed to quickly extend the functionality of their product to accommodate the unique needs of church extension funds. The main benefit of using GeneXus was reduced development time, which now provides Trinergy with a major advantage over the competition, mainly because the system does not have to be rewritten every time they decide to use new technology. As a result, the company can offer credit unions and church extension funds the most advanced product in the industry-at a lower cost. "We provide new features in less time than the competition, allowing us to establish excellent client relations. For example, we developed a new product, the Health Savings Account, in less than 40 hours; this product took our competition months to deploy. GeneXus was the key factor in us being able to accomplish this feat", said Chris Collins, Sales Executive at Trinergy, LLC.