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Restaurant link

Restaurant link

Intelligent and flexible accounting

Restaurant Link is one of the main organizations in the United States that offers innovative solutions to reduce costs, increase sales and improve operations with clear, measurable results. It stands out by providing benefits that grow and enhance the value of foodservice operators and suppliers. 

As the business started to grow very fast, Restaurant Link had an urgent need to step forward and solve a situation in which the amount of raw data –rebate data from buying groups and process statements and checks for individual restaurants– coming into the business was growing exponentially. They had to prevent that information from surpassing the capacity of the current systems.

In that scenario, Mize Houser & Co. P.A., a specialist in providing high quality professional services in accounting systems, was the ideal candidate to provide Restaurant Link with the required solution. To this end, they first customized an integrated system developed with GeneXus 9.0 that was later upgraded to GeneXus X in Java. 

The solution has delivered excellent performance since December 2007, overcoming initial challenges such as the large number of records and the growing amount of data that is involved.

GeneXus clearly had the ability to meet the project's needs, as it enabled to work quickly and accurately, in addition to providing a flexible platform to incorporate changes later on.