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História de sucesso


Why Reinvent the Wheel?

Since PayPlus entered the industry of human resources management outsourcing, it has dominated the market. The purchase of its main competitor turned it into the absolute market leader. However, its applications were based on obsolete technology, which not only involved high maintenance costs, but also a potential problem: PayPlus knew that it needed to change to the latest technology, or else its market share would change drastically.

On the other hand, having limited human and financial resources to redesign all their applications, they had to find the tools required to produce more with less. Thus, PayPlus adopted GeneXus as the tool for the development of its new product suite.

GeneXus USA was entrusted with the development of a Human Resources application that would at any point in time account for people, organizations and their interaction covering the areas of human resources, payroll, benefits, etc. In addition to the requirement to implement a temporal database, the application had to be multi-company.

"When we set up the plan for this project we found out that three quarters of the project were repetitive tasks and that the implementation of the temporal database was highly complex," said Verónica Buitron. The solution: GeneXus Patterns.

A mission critical application was developed; in it, Patterns automatically solved the whole complexity of the temporal database and maintained everything synchronized. Almost 5,000 objects were generated via Patterns and for only 6 transactions out of 300 nothing was generated with Patterns. In other words, we will have a mission critical application over 95% generated by Patterns.

"An 'as-is' Pattern like the ones provided by Artech, I would use any time I can, why reinvent the wheel?"