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Asociación Mutual de Productores Tabacaleros de Salta

Resource insurance

The Salta Association of Tobacco Producers offers its members a fire insurance scheme whose amount was calculated, until now, on the number of tobacco hectares produced. However, a new method for premium calculation made it necessary to gather information on the features and conditions of curing and drying chambers or stoves. In the tobacco industry, curing and drying is part of the process called Virginia type tobacco manufacturing, whereby tobacco leaves are placed in chambers or stoves according to the producer's investment power and the availability of fuel in the area.  

Therefore, in order to determine whether a chamber or stove is insurable and to establish the insurance amount, a team of inspectors carries out a detailed review of existing conditions. Within this context, Syndeo –GeneXus subdistributor in the Argentinean provinces of Salta, Jujuy and Tucumán– developed a mobile system using GeneXus technology for the Salta Association of Tobacco Producers.

Thanks to this solution, the multiple data required is gathered (producer register; farm register; stove material, condition, capacity, etc.) and consolidated in a central system located at each stove in a GIS system.