Support Resources
Here you will find all the technical information that GeneXus Developers need. In particular, the “Assisted Support” section contains instructions to report incidents to the GeneXus Support Team.
GeneXus Community Wiki
The entire GeneXus documentation is in a Wiki, a tool that allows anyone to edit content (such as Wikipedia). In this way, the community itself helps to improve the GeneXus documentation.
The Customer Service System (SAC as per its Spanish acronym) is the system used to register and follow-up technical reports and suggestions regarding GeneXus technology.
Download Center
The Download Center is a website to download the latest versions and updates of GeneXus and all the other products in the GeneXus Suite. You can also find other resources available for download, including training materials, technical documents, marketing documents, and materials related to the GeneXus Meetings.
GeneXus Search
GeneXus Search is a powerful search engine that allows searching in various data repositories, such as Wiki, SAC, Forums, GXopen, Downloads, GXNews, GXTraining, Blogs, and GXMeetings.
Release Notes
Release Notes provide information about resolved issues and enhancements included in each upgrade of GeneXus and the other products in the Suite. If you are upgrading from an earlier version to a later one, here you will find all the necessary information about the improvements made to the products.
Interactive Support Services
Interact with other community members and with our support team.
The GeneXus Community is integrated into Stack Overflow, the world's leading Q&A website in order to enhance the existing synergy with the worldwide software developer community.
Issue Tracking
GeneXus and its distributors offer support services to all customers worldwide through the Issue Tracking system. This service is provided to members registered as customers.


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