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Angular Release Candidate in GeneXus 17

We have incorporated Angular, one of the best front-end development frameworks, to add power and agility to our multi-experience approach. You are invited to try this great release candidate!

This Angular release candidate is the future-proof answer of the GeneXus suite: a forward-thinking generator designed to develop modern, fast, high-performance web applications.

Angular is Google's open source framework for web and mobile web applications, and is considered one of today’s leading development technologies.

The main advantages of the generator are speed, performance, and productivity, as well as agile and rapid prototyping.
Among other remarkable features, the Angular front-end generator provided by GeneXus has a service-based architecture, with Panels that generate code, run in web browsers, and communicate with the back end, to send and receive information through REST services, thus establishing a dynamic information flow. Another outstanding UX feature is that it allows generating both Single Page Applications (SPA) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA); with the new generator, Web Apps previously developed in Angular can be integrated into GeneXus systems and vice versa.

Lastly, note that the new Panel object underlies the UI modeling of the Angular generator. It simplifies development by making it possible to generate – from the same Panel object – a native mobile app (Android and iOS), and a web Angular desktop or mobile web application, standardizing design and programming regardless of the platform used to view or run the application.

The GeneXus Angular generator meets the need of today's companies to develop their front ends based on frameworks. 
Join us and experience the power and agility of state-of-the-art web application development!

Read all the technical information about Angular web development in the GeneXus Community Wiki.