GeneXus X Upgrade 8 Released!

It brings a new generator for .NET Core 3.1, build process optimizations and security updates, as well as enhancements to the IDE, testing and web / mobile development  (including updates for iOS that will be mandatory from April 2020).

Upgrade 8 of GeneXus 16 continues to focus on user experience, adding new functionalities for system testing and a new generator for Microsoft’s .NET Core 3.1. Also, it includes updates that are mandatory to publish applications in the App Store, among other optimizations to the IDE and GAM.

New GeneXus generator for .NET Core 3.1: .NET Core 3.1 is the latest version of .NET Core offered by Microsoft. The milestone reached with the release of version 3.1 and the availability of the generator allows systems that were in .NET Core 2.1 or generated for .NET to be seamlessly migrated to the latest technology from Microsoft.

Mobile: GeneXus 16 U8 incorporates a mandatory update for iOS that will be required from April 2020 to send new applications to the App Store. More information at iOS requirements.  

Testing: Mobile device UI testing can now be run individually. Also, among other testing enhancements, you can take a screenshot when the web test command fails and achieve full code coverage and test coverage; in addition, it incorporates the GXtest changelog.

IDE: The data model of a KB can be exported, meaning that you can choose to export only the transaction structure (and not distribute its rules, events, forms, patterns and other elements), which is useful for complex system scenarios developed on multiple KBs.

GAM: The GAM backend is included as an external library to reduce build times.

Security: A new security module provides cryptography and digital signature functions, among other features.

To learn more about GeneXus 16 Upgrade 8, including compatibilities, improvements, and new features for Android, GAM, development and security, visit the GeneXus Community Wiki

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