Colombia: Upcoming GeneXus Meeting hosted by Accion Point

Accion Point, GeneXus master distributor, will be hosting an exclusive event on October 24 in Bogotá (Connecta Ecosistema de Negocios).

In this exclusive event, Accion Point will show how companies and Software Houses use the GeneXus low-code platform to optimize time, streamline resources, and keep developments at a very low cost.

The event will take place in the afternoon from 2 p.m. and will be opened by Matías Labombarda from Accion Point. It will be followed by presentations on technology, teamwork and business by GeneXus CTO Gastón Milano, and Rodrigo Álvarez, GeneXus Country Manager for Argentina and Colombia; GeneXus 16 and GeneXus for SAP benefits will be introduced by Giovanni Murcia from Accion Point.

There will also be sessions given by our partners K2B Tools and DVelop. The event will be closed by Accion Point staff including Jorge pinto, Operations Manager for Colombia, Accion Point and César Pereiro, Chief Marketing Officer.

Register for the  GeneXus Meeting in Colombia and see the entire program in Eventbrite.