China: Upcoming GeneXus Meeting in November

On November 2 the GeneXus Technology Exchange will take place in China.

The GeneXus Community in China will gather on November 2 in Shangai (Hyatt Regency) to exchange ideas about current technology, its innovations and opportunities, and the role of GeneXus.

Faced with several opportunities, the technology threshold is too high, development efficiency is too low, so the team cannot respond quickly to market changes or make full use of various new technologies. Also, other challenges have arisen one after the other, and we can't leverage all the opportunities available. How to establish core competitiveness, reduce costs and increase efficiency for companies, take advantage of market opportunities and create market opportunities are issues that concern many companies.

GeneXus partners Bantotal and DVelop will give presentations, in addition to Gabriel Simonet and Armin Bachmann from the GeneXus team. 

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