Australia: More GeneXus Academic Agreements with Education Institutions

GeneXus will take part in the WIL (Work Integrated Learning) academic program of Australia’s Deakin University.

GeneXus has been present in Australia since 2018 through its distributor Cumulus. This is an enriching opportunity for both parties, as GeneXus will be working with students from the prestigious Australian university located in the state of Victoria, which concentrates more than 20% of the country's GDP.

The education agreement consists of an exchange to contribute to the market-oriented expertise of the software industry in Australia. In this way, students enrolled in the WIL program of Australia’s Deakin University will be able to approach GeneXus as a case study to create a report that will help advance their academic and professional development. For the duration of the program, students will be guided by a tutor designated by GeneXus and will also have the support of internal stakeholders from different areas of the company.

Some of the agreement’s objectives involve gaining insight about the following:

  • Adoption of low-code development platforms in Australia.
  • Business approach to software development in the Australian corporate sector (e.g. offshoring, outsourcing, in-house development).
  • The best strategies for growth in the Australian market.
  • Impact of strategies implemented by GeneXus in Australia.
Students have 2 weeks to study our company and the low-code software development market in Australia, in order to present their findings to the company and to a university panel.