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With more than 9,000 companies in 50 countries, GeneXus helps customers manage, simplify and secure their enterprises with open, standards-based software.
Platform services
NVIDIA integrations
Seamlessly integrate with NVIDIA NGC’s models.
Supported by NVIDIA AI Enterprise
Manage and deploy LLMs effectively with frameworks and libraries provided by NVIDIA AI Enterprise.
Avoid vendor lock-in
Break free from vendor dependencies by effortlessly switching between different LLMs.
Documents and Embeddings
Upload documents with specific information and data to feed the model and customize embeddings.
Plugins and Accelerators
Allow developers to insert custom web components (diverse elements such as videos or interactive charts).
Integrate fine-tuned LLMs
We support fine-tuned LLMs self-hosted in any cloud service.
Prompts and Embeddings Repository
Use predefined prompts to accelerate the creation of new assistants by building upon previously addressed experiences using best practices in prompting engineering.
Developer Portal
Access comprehensive documentation, including a TOC organized by themes and layers, How-Tos, solution templates, oriented examples, and FAQs.
Call assistants via API
Consume your assistants via API so that you can integrate them into your own front end or application.
How we craft innovation

Developer experience

API First platform
Agnostic platform
Multiple apps
API First platform
All platform functionalities are accessible via a comprehensive API, facilitating seamless integration with diverse DevOps processes. This ensures complete automation of GenAI-related tasks, catering to various company needs.
Agnostic platform
Developers can use existing development environments as well any programming language, existing libraries, and SDKs for accessing LLMs.
Multiple apps
You can either build a chatbot that works within GeneXus Enterprise AI’s conversational interface, a custom app from scratch, or connect an existing application to an LLM platform.
The adoption of Super Apps in government facilitates the efficient delivery of public services through access to information and administrative formalities, thus improving citizen participation and transparency.
Improve patient care and engagement with a Super App that covers a wide range of health-related services.
Recreation and Tourism
Allow travelers to plan itineraries and book flights, accommodation, and activities. In addition, provide local guides and recommendations to enhance the overall travel experience.
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