GeneXus Enterprise AI FAQs
With more than 9,000 companies in 50 countries, GeneXus helps customers manage, simplify and secure their enterprises with open, standards-based software.

What is GeneXus Enterprise AI?

GeneXus Enterprise AI is the platform that accelerates the development of private and future-proof AI solutions while connecting companies to all LLMs in a monitored and cost-effective way.

How does it work?

Our technology allows you to either build AI applications from scratch or enhance your current systems with AI through API integrations. AI solutions built with GeneXus Enterprise AI are LLM-agnostic, guarantee the security and privacy of your data, and provide observability over costs and interactions.

How is GeneXus Enterprise AI different from a Chat Assistant?

GeneXus Enterprise AI is not a Chat Assistant; it's a platform that empowers you to tailor-make your own assistants.

Why should I use GeneXus Enterprise AI?

Unlike other standard AI platforms, when you build AI solutions with GeneXus Enterprise AI, you can:
  • Guarantee security and privacy with enterprise authentication.
  • Enhance observability over costs and interactions within each solution.
  • Set quotas per solution to manage your budget.
  • Combine models within a single solution.
  • Automatically apify and version your assistants and prompts.
  • Switch between different LLMs, avoiding vendor lock-in.
  • Reduce the level of coupling between AI applications and the underlying LLMs.
  • Leverage ready-to-use AI functions to accelerate your AI adoption.
  • Consume your assistants via API so that you can integrate them into your own front end or application.

What new experiences can I create with GeneXus Enterprise AI?

Our technology allows you to:
  • Chat with your documents: Summarize or quickly extract insights from lengthy documents, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Chat with your corporate data: Efficiently retrieve information using natural language and enhance accessibility, eliminating the need for complex queries or navigation through traditional interfaces.
  • Chat with APIs using natural language: Make it easier for a broader audience to utilize APIs without requiring in-depth technical knowledge.
  • Create customized images: Use natural language to tailor visual content to your specific preferences, needs, or contexts in seconds.
  • Extract information from images: Analyze visual data and recognize patterns, text, or objects within images with great precision, reducing the time and effort required for manual data extraction.
  • Create your private Chat-GPT:  Connect to any LLM and enjoy a Chat-GPT-like experience making sure your data and queries stay in-company.

What makes GeneXus Enterprise AI unique?

GeneXus Enterprise AI stands out for:
  • Being LLM-agnostic: This means you can switch between different LLMs without constraints, even combining them within a single application. With GeneXus Enterprise AI vendor dependencies are a thing of the past!
  • Overcoming integration hurdles: You can accelerate the integration of GenAI into your enterprise systems by integrating any REST APIs from existing systems through the definition of an assistant within our platform.
  • Protecting data privacy: You can gain robust security over LLMs consumption by using personalized authentication and authorization definitions.

Can I integrate GeneXus Enterprise AI with my existing systems?

Certainly! With GeneXus Enterprise AI, seamless integration with your existing systems becomes a reality, allowing you to harness the full potential of AI within your operations. We’ve already integrated with Jira, Confluence, Amazon S3 y SAP.

Do I need a GeneXus license to use GeneXus Enterprise AI?

Not at all! It is a stand-alone platform.

I would love to try it out! How can I get started?

It’s very simple! Just fill out this form, and we'll promptly get in touch with you or, if you prefer, you can drop us a line at Start shaping your AI journey today!
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