Upgrade 9 of GeneXus 16 Released!

It comes with an API to incorporate 3D models in augmented reality, and new developments for GeneXus Server, Web, iOS, and Android. Another piece of good news is that the .NET and .NET Core standard function code has been opened on Github.

Just like GeneXus 16, Upgrade 9 is strongly focused on the user experience. In addition to the new GeneXus generator for .NET Core 3.1 included in Upgrade 8, new design features have been added for Web development, and augmented reality for Mobile and offline development. Also, GeneXus Server is now available in Chinese language, and a new Security module has been added, as well as Dockerfile creation without Docker for Windows deployment. 
Download it and learn more about Upgrade 9 of GeneXus 16 in the GeneXus Community Wiki.

New features for Web and Mobile development in Upgrade 9 of GeneXus 16

Another milestone for our /genexuslabs space on Github:
In relation to .NET and .NET Core generators, the code corresponding to the standard classes used by the generated applications is now open source code on Github. The objective, as announced last year, is to strengthen our open code policy and the GeneXus ecosystem through enhanced transparency and collaboration.

   - In U8 of GeneXus 16, an essential technological innovation is included for iOS. Starting in June 2020, it will be a mandatory requirement for submitting new applications or updates to the App Store. More information at iOS Requirements.
  • With U9 it will also be possible to publish apps on Google Play that meet the new requirements:  "Google Play will require new applications to target at least Android 10 (API level 29) from August 2020, and application updates to target Android 10 from November 2020." (ref .: Google Developers). In the  Community wiki there’s more information about this.
  • The augmented reality API ARPreview external object allows showing a model in 3D.
Other new features included are as follows: Web: 
  • New smart table control (CSS grid) to facilitate layout definition and control alignment.
Detailed information about Upgrade 9 of GeneXus 16, how-tos, compatibilities, improvements and new features including for GeneXus Server, development, and security is available in the GeneXus Community Wiki.

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Important announcement for iOS users: iOS13 cache compatibility issue

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