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The raison d'être of technology: a new version of GeneXus has been released for today’s world

“We are releasing a new version in 2020, a year that will be remembered. I think we will be talking for 50 years about what happened this year.” That’s how GeneXus CEO Nicolás Jodal opened the release event that the worldwide community attended via streaming. Here we share some key moments.

We are living in an unprecedented situation. Today, we’re not striving to adapt to technological advances but to the world itself, which is evolving even faster as a result of the pandemic.

When introducing the new version, Mr. Jodal addressed the entire period from March through the present day and the various issues along the way that were addressed with flexibility, speed and teamwork, to build a mission-critical application in just one week: Coronavirus UY.

These events involved great uncertainty, fast decisions, and correct answers, which placed Uruguay in such a strong position that the CEOs of both Google and Apple wrote letters of congratulations to its government. 

The reason why GeneXus 17 is the best version of GeneXus in 30 years is that: “It has been battle-tested, proving in practice that it is prepared for the new challenges and the most difficult demands of the ‘new normal’ we are living in this fast-paced world. This is the context in which GeneXus 17 has been shaped,” highlighted Mr. Jodal.

In the video of the release that is already online at, there are also some cases where this technology was used around the world during the pandemic, not only in Uruguay, but also in Germany, Brazil, China, Japan, Latin America, Mexico and the USA.
Another highlight of the event was the presentation given by Gastón Milano (GeneXus CTO) about the world’s current technological context and how to get ready to see it as an opportunity. “In a rapidly evolving world, the only answer to change is automation,” he emphasized, and then presented some structural technology elements that are clearly explained in the pillars of GeneXus 17: Multiple Experiences, Integration and Evolution, Expanded DevOps, Flexibility, and Quality. 

Each of these points was described by different members of GeneXus’ staff, who addressed details to be taken into account about User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), .NET Core technologies, Chatbots Generator, Angular Generator, and features for more user-friendly design with Design Systems, DesignOps and DevOps, Omnichannel UI Modeling, Cloud and Security, Automated Testing, API Modeling, BPM, and New Business Models. 

The following videos are already available on the website of GeneXus 17 with information on this new version:

In this context of changing scenarios, where the digital transformation has ceased to be a trend and has suddenly become an unavoidable fact, low-code development platforms are crucial. We at GeneXus have released new technology to experience these challenging times as a great opportunity to evolve.


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