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New Distributors in New Territories: GeneXus has Arrived in Poland!

We have signed a new agreement in Europe with Moovem for Poland.

Moovem is a software company that since 2018 offers Low-Code technology services for systems development.

Robert Szymanski, CTO at Moovem, was the first one to discover GeneXus. He was thrilled by the opportunities offered by GeneXus, and shared his enthusiasm with his colleagues Piotr Kasak (EVP) and Piotr Augustynowicz (CEO). 

The three executives, who have extensive experience in digital transformation, agile development methodologies and cloud computing, saw in GeneXus a great solution to the current challenges of the software industry in Poland: a shortage of more than 50,000 developers and growing demand for new applications in the public and private sector.

With the introduction of GeneXus in the Polish market, Moovem aims to shorten the time for junior developers to enter the job market, achieve maximum flexibility of resources, and provide a platform that reduces the time-to-market of new apps. 

Moovem's work plans include establishing agreements with the main training centers for programmers in Poland, and leveraging the extensibility options provided by GeneXus for the SAP ecosystem, which is deeply rooted in Poland.

At present, GeneXus has allies in the main European countries: Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Greece and... Poland!

Robert Szymański, Piotr Kasak and Piotr Augustynowicz​​​​​​​.