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Globant invites the GeneXus Community to Converge 2022

As part of this new family, we invite the entire GeneXus Community to attend this year’s Globant Converge: Reinventing Connections, Register NOW!

Converge is an annual event organized by Globant, with the aim of exploring how technology is connecting humanity while building a future powered by innovation and creativity.

In the same way that GeneXus had its "Power of Doing" during the 2018 GeneXus GX28 Meeting, this year Globant invites to celebrate the "Power of Reinvention." In particular, the Reinvention of Human Connections under the slogan "Reinventing Connections." 

The meeting will feature great speakers with various profiles: forward-thinkers, innovators, technologists, and decision-makers. All of them will share their stories about how they promote reinvention in their different areas. 

This year's speakers include: 

- Bob Iger, former CEO of Disney
- Refik Anadol, Pioneer in the Aesthetics of Machine Intelligence
- Tristan Harris, Co-founder of The Center for Humane Technology
- Ariana Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive 
- Karlie Kloss, Supermodel and Founder of Code with Flossie
- Martín Migoya, CEO and Co-founder of Globant
- Guibert Englebienne, Co-founder of Globant
- Patricia Pomies, COO of Globant
And many more.

The event is online and free, and will take place on Thursday, November 3 | 12 pm EDT | 1 pm UTC -3

Register now here.