GeneXus Meeting returns to Chile!

GeneXus, the Low-Code Software Development Platform, announces the return of the GeneXus Meeting - Chile, which will be held next Wednesday, April 19, at NOI Vitacura, Santiago.

In this first edition of 2023, which will have as its theme: Eternal youth for your code!, the new features of GeneXus 18, GeneXus Next (the product created to make software with GPT-3), and Super Apps, which is the key to scale business through a large and powerful digital ecosystem, will be revealed.

It will also be a great opportunity for attendees to share experiences, meet and interact with professionals and leaders in the technology industry, including Nicolás Jodal (CEO of GeneXus), Armin Bachmann (GeneXus Product Manager), Sofía Maiolo (CCO at WorkWithPlus), Federico Dominioni (CTO of K2B Tools), Gerardo Canedo (CTO of GeneXus Consulting), Marcelo Vasquez (Commercial Manager of Valkimia), and international speaker Ramón Heredia.

"The new edition of the GeneXus Meeting in Chile will be full of technology. We have made progress in Super Apps, one of the Gartner trends for 2023, which we see as a fact. We have added new updates with GeneXus Next so that we can describe our solution and be assisted by AI now with Open AI or another LLM. We will be joined by our customers and friends, as well as partners, the community of developers and decision makers from the retail, banking, software houses, insurance, healthcare and other industries. We are very happy," adds Rodrigo Silvera, Regional Manager for the Latam Pacific of GeneXus.

Those interested in attending should register on the GeneXus Meeting - Chile 2023 online site. Once their data is completed, they will receive a QR code to access the event, which starts at 8:30 a.m.