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GeneXus Live | Enterprise Low-Code 2021

The next GeneXus Live Meeting: Enterprise Low-Code 2021 will take place on Thursday, October 21st, kicking-off with keynotes from GeneXus CEO Nicolás Jodal and CTO Gastón Milano, among other expert speakers. Overall, the event will feature more than 30 presentations on mission critical software design and development. 

The challenges of digital acceleration and its fast-paced technological demands will be a central topic, along with the essential role played by low-code software platforms as an aid in times of crisis. Other compelling topics include the various aspects that make up the foundations of GeneXus, devised to quickly respond to today’s new technological and market needs, such as:
  • Multi-experience software design,
  • Mission critical software development, 
  • Technological integration and evolution, and
  • Expanded DevOps.

Topics on the schedule for next October 21st at #EnterpriseLowCode2021: 

  • Software design challenges in the era of hyper automation, Design Systems, and DesignOps.
  • Must-have features of today's software and how to beat acceleration. 
  • Interfaces, chatbots, and UX. 
  • Business process automation. 
  • Super Apps, Mini Apps, and Mini programs.
  • Computer security and authentication. 
  • News from the world of Amazon Web Services, Android, Apple, Microsoft and SAP.
And much more! 

The Event will be held online from 2 to 4 p.m. Uruguay time (UTC-3). It will be streamed in three languages at, and on GeneXus’ social networks (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram). Registration is open!

GeneXus 17 is the best version of GeneXus we have created so far. It focuses on delivering fast results in a changing world that demands increasingly more technology and speed to solve people's problems,” said Nicolás Jodal last year at the release of GeneXus 17, amidst the peak of the pandemic. One year later, we are invited to discover with him the challenges of the software industry in this new world. 

What: GeneXus Live Enterprise Low Code 2021 | When: 21 Oct 2 p.m. | UTC-3