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30 articles in the GeneXus blog

Low-Code is one of the preferred topics of the authors; another trending topic is the Coronavirus UY Application, and there are also interesting articles on various topics which are essential for the software industry.

Here is a list for you to read them in one go!
  1. What are Low-Code and No-Code tools?
  2. How GeneXus Ensures a Successful Digital Transformation
  3. Sectors positively impacted with blockchain technology: logistics, agriculture, pharma. What will be the next?
  4. How low-code simplified and speed app development involving 30 companies
  5. The Case for Low Code
  6. Digital Border Declaration 2020 in Coronavirus UY App
  7. Japan: Software Development Excellence with JBCC Agile
  8. Software development at the speed of the pandemic
  9. The Evolution of ERPs for Companies
  10. Agile Methodologies and BPM Combined to Solve Complex Processes in a Pandemic
  11. API Economy: Acceleration and Technology Integration
  12. How to grow among giants
  13. Social Vaccine: Exposure Notifications in Coronavirus UY
  14. People, Ideas, Tools. What’s Behind Coronavirus UY?
  15. «Hello chatbot, can I generate you with GeneXus?»
  17. The new shopping UX that increased sales of La Comer supermarket chain
  18. UX Multi-experience: 4 technology decisions that users will thank you for
  19. Problems that can be solved using Machine Learning
  20. 4 reasons, deemed outstanding by MaddenCo (USA)’s CEO, for using GeneXus LOW CODE platform for 20 years
  21. Machine Learning Algorithms and Techniques
  22. Jobs in the IT Sector and Benefits of Low-Code Development
  23. 5 Tips to Set Out, Once and for All, On the Journey to Digital Transformation
  24. Coronavirus UY App: Behind the Screens
  25. Developing Applications for Open Source Platforms with Genexus
  26. A smarter development tool for the next big wave of digital transformation
  27. People Engagement at SAP NOW® Mexico
  28. Free Course: Learn to use GeneXus for SAP Systems!
  29. 9 seminars that will unveil all that you can do with GeneXus For SAP Systems
  30. The advantages of GeneXus for developing future-proof, Low-Code software, according to US CIO