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Simplifying Software Development with GeneXus in the Age of AI
With 30 years of experience in Artificial Intelligence and a commitment to grounding the progress of systems in pure knowledge, GeneXus and its community are in a privileged position to continue simplifying software development in the era of artificial intelligence.
The latest advancements in GeneXus 18 lay the foundation for the creation of Enterprise AI Applications and Super Apps, as well as serving as the cornerstone for building the next generation of GeneXus.
In this talk, we discuss the current challenges in software development, present the solutions that GeneXus is offering, and share our vision for the imminent future.
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About the speakers
Armin Bachmann
Product Manager at GeneXus
Gastón Milano
CTO at GeneXus
Unlock the possibilities of AI
Harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence with this cutting-edge component, streamlining the integration and utilization of Large Language Models (LLMs) from diverse sources. GeneXus Enterprise AI empowers you to conquer the complexities of embedding AI services into your applications, while providing an easy-to-setup, provider-agnostic, and future-proof interface.
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