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Artificial Intelligence
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Opening Keynote GX30 | What's Going on with AI? What's Next?
Nicolás Jodal
Martin Migoya
Simplifying Software Development with GeneXus in the Age of AI
Armin Bachmann
Gastón Milano
GeneXus as an innovative component of a software factory
Sebastián Arriada
1 million years of Artificial Intelligence, and 10 more years…
José Elias
Closing Keynote Nicolás Jodal GX30: Cross the Wires
Nicolás Jodal
Artificial Intelligence in GeneXus: From the description of the business to the functioning system
José Lamas
Creating Business Applications connected to Artificial Intelligence Models
Gastón Milano
GeneXus Enterprise AI: Integrate the power of Generative AI into your systems
Eugenio García
AI for predictive analysis: How tech is changing the game
Pablo Innella
Matias Orrico
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Demo: GeneXus Enterprise AI with GeneXus
Gonzalo Echague
RAG made simple with GeneXus Enterprise AI
Luciano Silveira
Prompt Engineering: How to Talk to AI for the Best Results
Agustín Méndez
Erik Davidsson
Chat with your Databases using Natural Language
Gustavo Martínez
Exploring the intersection of Generative AI and Software Testing: Challenges & Applications
Federico Moreira
Artificial Coexistence: Interactions between synthetic entities and humans
Daniel Fernández Koprić
Generative AI and AI Factory
Guilherme Fuhrken
Generative AI for Dummies
Eugenio García
The question is more important than the answer(s): The era of AI Copilots is here!
Wilson Pais
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AI in Content Managers
Gastón Fernandez
Paula Barquet
Potential Security Problems in LLMs
Sebastián Passaro
360° Vision: Process Mining with Artificial Intelligence
Rikzon Rodriguez Zembrano
Eugenio García
Redefining UX with Artificial Intelligence: A New Paradigm
Mayda Kurdian
Martín Rubio
New UI Design Patterns brought by Artificial Intelligence
Mauro Canziani
K2BTools: Boost your UX with Artificial Intelligence and new Design Systems
Federico Dominioni
GeneXus Next Behind the Scenes
Juan Michelini
Testing GeneXus Enterprise AI: Evaluating Applications Built on LLMs
Federico Toledo
Figma Empowered by AI: Introducing GEMA, the plugin to Simplify and Accelerate the Design Process
Maximiliano Barnech
Natalia Rudomín
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Release the power of AI with WorkWithPlus
Felipe Herrera
Eugenia Álvarez
The Magic of AI and GeneXus: What is the Future for GeneXus Developers?
Gabriel Medina
Cecilia Abadie
Building more Secure Applications with Generative AI and Amazon Bedrock
Rodrigo Monge
Unraveling the Language: The LLM Revolution in the Age of Generative AI and Innovative Chatbots
Gabriel Fernández
The importance of human evolution in the era of Artificial Intelligence
Khalil Medina
Security + Access Control + AI + Cloud + Autonomous Drones = GeneXus
Sergio Gazzolo
How AI redesigns the product
Fernando Panizza
Marcos Begerez
Empowering Testers and Analysts with GenAI and LLMs: Co-pilot Case for Bantotal
Matías Reina
Marcos Begerez
Beyond Traditional Testing: Testing Approaches in AI
Guillermo Skrilec
Security in Enterprise Applications and the Development Process
Alejandro Zeballos
Unlock the possibilities of AI
Harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence with this cutting-edge component, streamlining the integration and utilization of Large Language Models (LLMs) from diverse sources. GeneXus Enterprise AI empowers you to conquer the complexities of embedding AI services into your applications, while providing an easy-to-setup, provider-agnostic, and future-proof interface.
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