Take advantage of special promotions
at GX29!

Take advantage of special promotions at GX29!
During the week of the Meeting, GeneXus certification exams will only be available to participants from abroad. This year, GeneXus Instructor certification exams can be taken at a super special price of 150 USD (67 percent lower than usual). The rest of the certification exams will have a 50 percent discount. Don't miss this opportunity! Registration is now open and places are limited. 

GeneXus certification exams during GX29 are an added value for attendees traveling to Montevideo from abroad. The exams -which will be taken during the Meeting at a date and time to be determined, will be administered on computers using multiple choice and true/false questions. The only oral exam is the GeneXus Instructor certification exam. Candidates will receive the results immediately after completing the exam.
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Places are limited and a special 50% discount will be offered to candidates at the GeneXus Meeting. This is your chance to get Certified!