Why attend?

Get together

Every year, more than 3,500 people gather for this 3-day event at the Radisson Hotel. How many GeneXus Meetings have you attended? Legend has it that once you attend a GeneXus Meeting, you never stop coming back. Over the years, it has become a must-do event, a ritual of innovation and synergy for the GeneXus Community.

We have fun

The GeneXus Meeting is the celebration of the Global GeneXus Community. In addition to learning and getting inspired, we enjoy the presentation of awards, recognitions, and surprises. 27 years sharing unforgettable moments!

Exchange ideas

The GeneXus Community is passionate, inclusive, international and inquisitive. Experiences are shared and minds are inspired in an environment full of new ideas that promote innovation.

Get inspired

More than 300 activities are carried out simultaneously, with the opportunity to interact with opinion leaders from the software industry, as well as from business and academic sectors. Real-life experiences are presented to share knowledge and expertise. A big breath of inspiration!

We learn

The exchange of ideas and the topics covered in this multicultural gathering create an ideal learning environment. In addition, the workshops and hands-on labs allow you to experience the magic of the latest technology with GeneXus' R+D team.

Need more reasons?


Make the most of your trip to Uruguay!